Mark & Meagan | Leduc Wedding Photographer

This past June I got to be a side kick and second shoot this wedding with Lauren Voisin Photography. Mark & Meagan had their wedding in the absolutely ADORABLE blue chapel at Van Es Camp. We were worried about rain, but luckily by the time the ceremony was over, the sun was shining again! Thanks again… Continue reading Mark & Meagan | Leduc Wedding Photographer


It has been pretty quiet around here! I'm not going to lie I have been putting off writing this post. I have wanted to for awhile, but I figured maaaybe if I wait a bit I might not be bawling my eyes out while I am writing. As most of you might know (if you… Continue reading Beethoven

Jasper & Banff Adventures

Finally I can share some of the photos from our trip to Jasper & Banff! For my work experience at NAIT in my last semester, one of my mentors had a maternity session in Jasper. Luckily, Luke had the weekend off so we packed our bags and headed to Jasper. It was a ton of… Continue reading Jasper & Banff Adventures

Time to go out into the real world!

Thanks to our awesome instructor Shaun Scade for this image. So glad to have met all this wonderful people ❤ So I have some exciting and very nerve racking news, I am officially finished the Photographic Technology program at NAIT! Crazy! I handed in my last assignment on Friday. I can't say it has really… Continue reading Time to go out into the real world!

The Amazing Spider-Man (Thesis)

I have been wanting to share about my Thesis project from last semester for quite some time now. Thesis is a semester long project we had to do in the beginning of second year at NAIT. Basically, we had to pick a topic, and create 15 images based on that topic. As soon as I… Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man (Thesis)