Riane Maternity

When your best friend is wanting to get into photography and wants to shadow you for some sessions, it can be kind of nerve wracking! It just so happened that Riane, a friend who I attended NAIT with for Photography was expecting, so I asked her to do some modelling for us. Naturally she did amazing, seriously how adorable is that baby bump!? Riane now has a stunning baby boy named Quintyn.

Congrats on your new addition Riane, so excited for you and Syngyn, I can’t wait to see your little guy grow up!


Riane Maternity-8.jpg
Riane Maternity-23.jpg
Riane Maternity-5.jpg
Riane Maternity-16.jpg
Riane Maternity-36.jpg
Riane Maternity-52.jpg
Riane Maternity-69.jpg
Riane Maternity-71.jpg
Riane Maternity-84.jpg
Riane Maternity-81.jpg

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