Amanda Boudoir

As I said on a sneak peek from Amanda’s session on Instagram…can we all just appreciate how AMAZING she looks!? I can’t believe she had the cutest baby girl only 6 months ago. I’m so happy that her friend convinced her to come out and have boudoir photos done. One of my favorite things during her session was when I wanted her to smile, all I had to say was “Think about Addison!” her daughter, and she immediately had a big smile on her face.

Thanks so much for trusting me to do your boudoir photos Amanda, you did fantastic! ❤


Makeup by KD Artistry

Amanda Boudoir-3.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-13.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-8.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-10.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-20.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-23.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-30.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-44.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-56.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-53.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-64.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-70.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-94.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-79.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-86.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-108.jpg
Amanda Boudoir-118.jpg

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